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Spirits of St. Louis: A Tour to Die For

As my favorite time of year approaches, I’ve decided to check out local attractions to feed my hunger for the supernatural. My internet search lead me to Haunted STL, a business that offers a variety paranormal and ghost tours. I wasn’t sure what to expect as a St. Louis native. I’d assumed I had already heard of most local legends. I had only been on one ghost tour prior to Spirits of St. Louis. Years ago, I went on a ghost tour while vacationing in New Orleans. While the tour guide told us the history of Madame Delphine LaLaurie in front of her home in The French Quarter, he was hit by a vehicle. It didn’t stop him from sharing the urban legends known to his magical city. Needless to say, the bar was set pretty high, having almost witnessed our guide become a ghost. I was pleasantly surprised by the Spirits of St. Louis tour. It was more educational, interesting, and eerie than I could’ve imagined. I've outlined some of my favorite elements of the tour.

A Guide for the Gods

The tour guide Lacey Reinhardt, who describes herself as a mix between Indiana Jones and Sabrina the Teenage Witch, is a North Side girl with a wealth of knowledge on St. Louis history. The combination of Lacy’s long family history in St. Louis, years of research and archaeology make for the US History and ghost story cross over you never knew you needed. Lacey also works with local universities to educate students on other aspects of St. Louis history including the Underground Railroad.

As if the tour could get any better, there is a gift shop complete with everything you need to ward off bad juju.

Local History

Highlights of the tour include going to two of the oldest cemeteries in St. Louis and learning about the lives of past socialites as well as their contributions to the present. Bellefontaine and Calvary Cemetery are stunning as the home of countless lavish mausoleums. Said mausoleums each have a story. And sometimes the truth about the residents buried are stranger than fiction.

All the Scares

Without giving too much away, I learned on this tour that paranormal and spiritual implications are always right in front of us in nature. The tour didn't just give the typical "don't say the name three times" narrative. There were talks of sacred land, groundbreaking expeditions, EMF and more.

A look into the mausoleum belonging to the Hunt family. Photo credit: Teresa Strong

A look into the mausoleum belonging to the Hunt family. Photo credit: Teresa Strong

For the Culture

The tour covers a wide variety of histories. St. Louis can mean a lot of things to a lot of different people. Experiences can drastically differ depending on race, age, and zip code. But this tour was intentional in making sure everyone was seen. I especially appreciated the cultural competency around Indigenous folks. American history does not start with colonization. it is important to acknowledge displaced nations and genocide when discussing American history and spirituality.

The burial site of explorer William Clark. Photo credit: Keana Nwaneri.

St. Louis is truly a city with a rich history. If you like St. Louis, spirituality, ghost stories, or you simply enjoy supporting local businesses with great service, support Haunted STL. I concur that it is not your normal paranormal. I learned so much on this three hour tour, it’s enough to cherish for a lifetime.

Check out available tours:

Photo Credits: Keana Nwaneri and Teresa Strong

Spirits of St. Louis: A Tour to Die For

By Hybrie Jenae


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