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50 Ways to Manage Stress on a Budget

50 Ways to Manage Stress on a Budget

There’s a misconception that wellness can only be achieved if you have money. While some people have the funds to solve their problems by taking off to the Bahamas or scheduling an appointment with a therapist, others don’t have the money or time to address mild to chronic stress in the most desirable ways. Though, there is always hope. Below is a list of everyday things you can do to manage stress that don’t cost a dime.

  1. Protect your energy

  2. Be honest with yourself

  3. Schedule alone time

  4. Set realistic goals

  5. Educate yourself

  6. Balance your diet

  7. Get sunlight

  8. Engage in physical activity

  9. Love yourself

  10. Reflect on daily accomplishments

  11. Set boundaries

  12. Say "no" sometimes

  13. Say "yes" sometimes

  14. Make time for loved ones

  15. Make new friends

  16. Surround yourself with like- minded people

  17. Choose to see the good in people

  18. But accept that we are flawed

  19. Learn your love language

  20. Never assume

  21. Get rest

  22. Drink water

  23. Pray and/or meditate

  24. Cry if you need to

  25. Don't work too hard

  26. Tell someone

  27. And ask for help

  28. Be willing to accept constructive criticism

  29. Be the role model you wanted growing up

  30. Believe in something

  31. Believe in yourself

  32. Find your talent

  33. Get paid for it

  34. Write

  35. And make people pay for it

  36. Take occasional breaks from social media

  37. Celebrate little victories

  38. Allow people to figure out their problems

  39. Mind your business

  40. Turn down opportunities for pettiness

  41. Never show your hand

  42. Plan

  43. Don't seek the last word

  44. Get yourself gifts

  45. Accept positive change

  46. Prioritize

  47. Determine your values

  48. Question everything

  49. Get in where you fit in

  50. Have faith that things will get better


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